Voter Informational Message

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Message and Voter Information

from Mayor CoryAnn St. Marie-Carls

City of St. Francis, WI

March 13th Special Election and more

Citizens and taxpayers have asked me about a Mayoral recall election and have requested further details, it is important to me that I

am responsive to you! This helpful information was put together by me personally and I mailed it to you myself so you know what is

going on.

Still do not understand Why there is a recall?

It is obvious to many the petition was based on “put downs” to bring down my efforts as Mayor for progress “your way” with a

citizen first government.

My record as your Mayor of the City of St. Francis is completely clear of any wrongdoing, illegalities, or irregularities. I speak

from the heart as a loyal, hardworking, giving, patriotic and faithful woman who works for everyone. Since 2012 when I was

first elected, false claims in a political realm have been continually spread by those who have disagreements with my stance of

“citizen first” government, my need to ask tough questions, check up on progress on taxpayer needs, and my proactive

“anti-snubbing” position on developing our City. (for years our City has gotten the reputation for snubbing developers)

What really is the recall petition about?

Citizens have the right to recall. However, when citizens perform a recall they need to have a viable reason under the law and

need to obtain signatures lawfully. I observed the petition group escalate an environment of untruthfulness as their efforts

continually have shown they are out to gain control of the City and run it “their way” to advance their personal business

interests and power aspirations. Brittany Spoke did not talk to me before this all began and has not been involved in our

community; it has been brought to my attention by citizens that Brittany is a supporter, maybe a relative of a co-owner of FM

Auto, a business that wants to obtain business occupancy in our City. This is an occupancy which myself on behalf of the next

door neighbors have not been in support of. Now, Ken Tutaj has Brittany Spoke as the Treasurer of his campaign group to

continue untruthfulness and put downs instead of a “clean” effort focusing on common good.

How does the Recall Election work?

As your Mayor, I am automatically on the ballot. There was an opportunity for other people to submit nomination papers.

Ken Tutaj who openly supported and acted as a circulator of the petition is the only other person who will be on the ballot.

What are the Mayor’s legal rights in challenging the recall petition? (checks & balances)

I did my research with State agencies and Statutes as a check and balance of the legal recall process in the State of Wisconsin.

This check and balance is consistent with how I have served as Mayor of St. Francis. All St. Francis citizens have a legitimate

interest in ensuring this process complies with Wisconsin Law so the City is not saddled with the needless cost of an invalid


Has the Mayor filed an official Challenge to the petition?

Yes, I found the petition effort lead by Brittany Spoke and aided by Ken Tutaj failed to give sufficient reason under the law to

conduct a recall. I am challenging the validity of the petition and the manner in which signatures were obtained. It is my

understanding there were several false statements that were told to convince people to sign. In response to my findings on

behalf of myself and law-abiding citizens who have been concerned about this recall matter, I have made official complaints to

regulating bodies.

Mayor’s Challenge complaint could delay or invalidate the election:

The Challenge complaint is still in legal process and it is unknown if the March 13th election will be delayed or possibly

invalidated. See all challenge information at

Info on Special Election

Early in person voting is starting on February 26th at the St. Francis Civic Center

If a special election is held

Vote Tuesday, March 13th
Mayor CoryAnn St. Marie-Carls

I ask for your vote to keep our City moving in the right direction with proven leadership by the most qualified candidate. As your mayor, I have a record of asking tough questions on behalf of our Citizens and standing up for Taxpayers. Those that would have you believe otherwise have not brought forward anything but opinion, innuendo and election tactics.