Open Letter to Citizens of St. Francis:

Open Letter to Citizens of St. Francis:

As your Mayor, I am honored to serve you our citizens. Since 2012 I  have been keeping St. Francis moving forward toward a positive future.  You have expected accountability and progress, not status quo and  business as usual. To serve you I have given my all. You have trusted  in my qualifications and experience to do the job; and as a result of  your confidence in me I continue to stand up for taxpayers and put the voice of citizens first. I work for you and my success is your success. There are many naysayers among us that would have you believe otherwise, but they have brought forward nothing but misinformation, innuendo, political maneuvering and tactics. Please contact me anytime and I can provide you with real information direct from the source, 414-255-8555.

Proud to share a few of my accomplishments showing leadership and my qualifications.

  • Accountability to the citizens of St. Francis is number one priority~I WORK FOR YOU!
  • Instituted Mayor’s Reports for tracking of needs and requests to provide open communication and accountability
  • Successfully expanded citizen participation on City Boards and Commissions – at a 20-year high!
  • Worked to bring the FBI offices to St. Francis – (this office is government leased and pays taxes)
  • Secured a $150k donation for improvements at Vretenar Park: new playground, patio, ADA tables and signage
  • Represent the needs of our City as an appointee to the Milwaukee County Heroin Opioid Task Force and the Vice President of Milwaukee Aerotropolis.
  • Created ways to continuously communicate with citizens: Open Houses, a Task Group and Community Connection meetings at local businesses
  • Spearheaded community Pride and promotion of St. Francis with a Community Ambassador program and a website [1] at no cost to the taxpayers.
  • Honored pledge to make the St. Francis Civic Center an inviting place for our citizens to enjoy: Fall Harvest Heritage Open House and helped start the St. Francis Christmas Parade
  • Started service projects to fundraise for special needs and services of our Police and Fire
  • Initiated detailed follow-up efforts on our Financial Audit which included internal control changes and the addition of TIF budgets
  • Restructured and reinvigorated the Economic Development Committee of St. Francis to advertise and market our City
  • Recently introduced a “Slow Down” sign initiative and Healthy Walking Map of St. Francis

Our pride and sense of community is what unifies us; and I believe as  elected officials we are asked to preserve your right to know and your right be included in your City government, “BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE”. Our citizens make St. Francis a great place to live, work, and raise a family, not elected officials. I truly understand and share your pride for our City and have worked hard to create momentum for you moving into a new era of progress for our City. I know there is more work to do and the work ethic instilled in me by my mom and dad, Delbert and Barbara St. Marie, motivate me to give much time and most of my $11,000 Mayor salary back to the community. Many of my accomplishments required NO taxpayer dollars, no additional clerical staff or assistants time because I did it myself or I found a way to get it done!

When I was elected, I let you know I would see you in and around our Community and I have kept that promise by being involved in the Community either volunteering or contributing to over 30 groups and organizations. Working side by side with wonderful volunteers, police, firefighters, seniors, veterans, students, employees, school teachers, and business owners I have started new events, service projects, and initiatives. I have respected our volunteers new and old and have worked closely with many who have dedicated their lives to making St. Francis the best it can be!

St. Francis is all about YOU. I have always made myself available to you and have I have worked for YOU in everything I do.

Having grown up on the South Shore and being honored to be Miss St. Francis as a young adult, I am proud to have returned to become the Mayor of St. Francis and give back to our Community. I worked in a municipal government management position for large City for 14 years and obtained specific knowledge of municipal operations that has given me a qualified background as a strong resource for citizens of St. Francis.

Call me anytime at 414-255-8555

Shining a light on our positive future


CoryAnn St. Marie-Carls, Mayor, City of St. Francis

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