Message to Citizens of the City of St. Francis, WI | February “Caring and Sharing” update

Message to Citizens of the City of St. Francis, WI | February “Caring and Sharing” update

This caring and sharing update is my way of providing more informational items and asking you what you need and what you think. You are more than welcome to read my more formal by weekly Mayors report and progress updates at; I created this website because I am not on Facebook but I wanted to communicate on line to citizens directly. First and foremost, your emails and calls to reach out to me are always appreciated. The best way to get things done as your Mayor in St. Francis is to hear from, you, taxpayers, and citizens. Together we have moved forward with many successes. We have increased
our community engagement, transparency, community events, promotions, City volunteer participation, as well as lifted community
pride with public improvements of our facilities and parks. With your support I continue to work with one foot firmly planted in our faith-based origin, clearing way for a local government that puts the citizens first and that is not self-serving but that is “selfless”, helping others to bring a happy life to all in St. Francis. It is
because of the values instilled in me by my mom and dad growing up here on the South Shore that I give the majority of all of approx. $11,000 I receive as Mayor back to the community. I work together with everyone and seek feedback from everyone. Kindly read the helpful information below.

St. Francis City Council Goals for 2018

*Introduced as part of a collaborative presentation by the myself, the Council President and City Administrator at the January 16th Council Meeting

  • Tax base growth Initiatives

  • Marketing Plan for City owned commercial properties

  • Focus on Owner-occupied Housing

  • Review Road Maintenance Financing Plans and Assessment

  • City Public Relations

  • Prioritize Core Services

  • Update Ordinances

  • Explore and Analyze Revenue Streams

  • Public Improvements and/or initiatives

Please congratulate the 2017 Awardees

for Celebrate & Decorate Holiday Décor

1900 Cora, 4110 Kirkwood, 3755 Ahmedi, 3775 Vermont,

3961 Alexander, 2823 Bottsford, 2139 LeRoy, 2437 Bolivar,

2517 Denton, 2414 Whittaker, 2827 Bottsford, 4555 Vermont

2518 Armor, 2506 Armor, 4388 Iowa, 3247 Waterford,

3525 Pennsylvania, 3531 Pennsylvania, 1714 St. Francis,

1825 St. Francis, 3616 Kansas, 3747 Rutland, 2815 Koenig

Lovely Salon, 3724 Kinnickinnic,

St. Francis Veteran’s Memorial Plaza

Each awardee receives a commemorative ornament and proclamation donated by Mayor CoryAnn St. Marie-Carls & family.

Would you like to receive these helpful items?

Healthy Walking Map of St. Francis this color map that gives you distances and routes for scenic walks along the lake, or

walks on main streets, or Green Park in St. Francis. Citizens gave me this idea to provide this to everyone and volunteers

Kathy and Terry put it together.

Slow Down for streets that need traffic to calm down. Citizens called me to see if we had these signs for safety in their

neighborhoods and volunteers Scott and Trish motivated me to get these donated for St. Francis. (see sample of what these

free signs look like below; available for Spring)

Call 414-255-8555 and leave your name, address and phone number if you want a complimentary sign or walking map.

Question of the month: Would you like to see a Dunkin Donuts in St. Francis?

Many citizens have let me know they want more retail businesses in St. Francis. This is something I also feel strongly about and I

continue to make connections to get new business in St. Francis as well as welcome new business. Call me at 414-255-8555 and let

me know about your interest in Dunkin Donuts or other business ideas or leads. Also, please help me welcome two of our newest

businesses in the City; La Finca Coffee house and State Farm Insurance agency both in the Sivyer Ave. retail strip center intersecting

with Packard Ave, please try to visit to them. Hint: Dan from State Farm supports his business neighbors by giving out gift certificates

with his quotes!

Mayor CoryAnn info & questions:
Anything in your neighborhood you would like to let me know about?

Any ideas you have on how to promote our great community?

Leave me a message for me at home anytime at 414-255-8555 or go to

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