Answering YOUR Questions

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Recently asked Questions below.

Why does it seem I have so much money to spend on everything? 

We are always willing to help. My husband and I always want to give back, we are grateful for all we have. When I became Mayor I did it with the distinct intention to be charitable and giving to the community, and my husband and I have planned accordingly with our budget.  My husband and I are financially responsible people who have worked hard for what we have all our life and always want to pay it forward and give back.

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What are your Plans for the City?

St. Francis is a community of good hardworking people who want our City’s best foot forward. Working together, we should focus our collective passion and energy on the common good and celebrating all that is good in our community as the number one priority with keeping citizens first as the driver along our path. My experience and qualifications include working 18 years in local government before becoming the Mayor of St. Francis. Please read my “Plan for the City” summary below; I humbly ask for your support as a qualified and capable leader at work for you in St. Francis

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